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People expect their government to provide high-quality amenities in a citizen-centric way. Government mobile reporting requirements have traditionally been so varied and onerous that a single form filling tool couldn’t cope. As a result, it’s been easier to stick with spreadsheets and paper forms to manage housing projects, inspections, construction and infrastructure work etc.


mWorkerCIS allows users to digitise any forms so that they can be completed in the field on tablets and phones. Once a form is filled out on our platform it can be accumulated into custom dashboards and reports for insights. Form types can be separated by access levels and departments, meaning information is accessible on a need to know basis.


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Integrations with existing systems


Organisations with the size and scope of Governments cannot, and should not, have to change their systems just to introduce new technology. They are often left with a limited choice of solutions which integrate with core systems. This can lead to feeling forced to choose a poor quality alternative.


At Ultan Technologies we understand the systems required to run a Government, or Governmental department, have deep roots, that’s why we’ve build mWorkerCIS to easily integrate with the existing ecosystem using an API. mWorkerCIS, as the form filling tool of choice, helps Governments realise their goals by simplifying and accelerating their digital transformation.


We have a depth of experience integrating with products such as ESRI, Microsoft Sharepoint and a wide variety of ERP’s and CRM’s. We work with the existing systems reducing the change management burden.


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Drag-and-Drop form building


The inability to access, customise and manage the admin side of a software solution can cost an organisation a lot in hidden fees. Once a system is in place our Government clients often prefer to upskill their own resources and manage the solution internally.


At Ultan Technologies we understand that our Government clients need to be capable of tailoring their own product so they can drive efficiency throughout their operations. Our clients have access to Drag-and-Drop tools so they can edit and create their own forms, reports and dashboards.


If a client doesn’t have the time or resources, the Team at Ultan Technologies can do it for them. We collaborate closely with our customers to understand the challenges of each specific department, often taking up the role of consultant in our own technology to ensure best practice and train the power user.


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Reduce energy usage through granular insights


Government departments and public sector bodies are often some of the biggest energy consumers in their given country. In order to govern and deliver public services, the required infrastructure and workforce leads to a hefty energy impact.


Through the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority Of Ireland) the SensorCIS platform is already being used by every public body in Ireland. Working with SensorCIS public bodies report on energy usage on an organisation by organization basis.


This same platform can be used to track energy usage on a building basis, comparing historical usage, usage across similar types of buildings and to verify utility bills.


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