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Facilities Management – FM

Increase the quality and efficiency of your field service management

Streamline your field processes and capture information for client reporting

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A one-stop-shop for all your mobile reporting


Facilities Management companies often have multiple stakeholders to manage; direct clients, their customers and employees all have their own needs. It’s difficult to ensure a group of field workers can maintain the highest levels of responsiveness using paper dockets, email and text messages.


mWorkerCIS allows FM companies to assign tasks and track for their completion through a mobile app, making oversight much easier.


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Scheduling and workload tracking


Both clients and stakeholders expect fast, high-quality service. The variety of locations, job types and skills required can make often make scheduling difficult. Delivering location and job description information into field service technicians’ hands in an efficient manner is critical.


mWorkerCIS makes it easy to track your tasks all the way through to completion, and provides FM organisations with the necessary intelligence and flexibility to efficiently schedule resources.


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Custom – Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental forms


Most FM organisations will build up a large number of custom reports and forms to manage field services. From our experience, they are often in paper and spreadsheet formats, which can make reporting to management and clients unnecessarily complicated.


The Ultan Technologies Team can digitally recreate the existing process in mWorkerCIS. Our solution is flexible enough to create custom forms and aggregated reports to exact specifications. Want an upgrade? We can suggest modifications and improvements to specific forms or processes.


Our clients have access to Drag-and-Drop tools so they can edit and create their own forms. If you’re too busy with field service management, the team at Ultan Technologies can perform these services for our clients.


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Energy Consumption Analysis


Whether you’re a public or private entity, understanding your buildings energy consumption is a must. Getting access to the consumption data and displaying it in an informative dashboard is often an impossibility.


Our SensorCIS platform can be used to record and monitor your building’s energy usage. Dashboards and reports can be used to track energy consumption; allowing you to compare current to previous years performance, usage from one building or area to the another and additional custom metrics.


Our system has the intelligence to account for the activities of each building and check against Utility’s bills to verify that they are correct.



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