Balancing profitability and services delivery through better information


Keep projects safe and profitable with improved insight into Health, Safety and Quality Checklist information.

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Unearthing trends and improving standards


Safety is good for employees and good for business.


It can sometimes be difficult to quickly deliver quality information from the site to the office. In this information age, everyone expects detailed up-to-date reports and insights; in response to this, mWorkerCIS gives managers access to a traffic light system of compliance and detailed reports, customised to their reporting needs.


Walls Construction – Working with Walls’ HSE people, we digitise all of their paper checklists to help conduct inspections in half the time, relaying real-time information back to head office.


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A one-stop-shop for all your mobile reporting


Paper and spreadsheet reports create a large admin burden. Getting all your forms (regardless of the form type) into a one-stop-shop system will make your reporting easier and more accurate.


We’re not just a software tool, we’re also a service. The Ultan Technologies Team can recreate your existing forms in our mobile reporting tool to make collection and accumulation much easier.

SISK ConstructionWorking with their regional HSE people, we reduced Sisk Construction’s reliance on paper reports coming from the field, as well as cutting down on wait times.


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Health, Safety and Quality Checklist


Clients demand concise and informative quality reporting. Paper gets lost and slows down the process of reporting to clients. Completing digital Health, Safety and Quality Checklist on phones and tablets allows information to be sent to the office immediately and makes compiling reports easier.


We can digitise all your paper or spreadsheet checklists, helping you to conduct inspections in half the time.


Cleantech Civils – Cleantech have set themselves apart by using mWorkerCIS to complete and accumulate their Quality Reports for clients.


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Make it your own!


Standards are continually changing, and as a result so must your forms and reports. The ability to edit your HSEQ forms and system is extremely useful.  Most construction companies have a large number of custom paper or spreadsheet forms in a variety of systems. mWorkerCIS allows us to digitally recreate existing forms to exact specifications.


Our clients have access to Drag-and-Drop tools, allowing them to edit and create their own forms. If they don’t have sufficient time available to them, the team at Ultan Technologies can perform this service for our clients.


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