We are Ultan Technologies

A creative software company providing both off-the-shelf and custom developed solutions




mWorkerCIS – Improve the efficiency of your mobile workers and make substantial savings on your admin costs by capturing and collating information on the job for analysis back in the office, with photographs, reports, GPS locations, signatures and time stamps.

SensorCIS – Get the most out of your data collection, meter and sensor hardware with a cost-effective and highly customisable cloud-based solution that allows you to monitor and manage all your devices in one place and do a deep analysis of the device data.


Our team of expert project managers, UX designers, system analysts, solution architects, software developers and QA & support engineers have a deep understanding of a wide range of technologies and the proven experience of making these technologies work for you. We have built mobile, web and CRM applications to deliver enterprise solutions in many industry sectors from project, asset and device management to customer service, energy, financial, billing and sales systems. 


We deliver solutions that add value to your business. Software is designed to work with your business processes; built in a way that ensures it fits in easily with your existing systems; and delivered so that it meets your needs in the most cost-effective manner.